Media Not Permitted Entry Into Lockdown Areas
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Security checkpoints across the entrances and exits of those areas under lockdown like Hawalli, Farawaniyah, Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh, Mahboula and Khaitan have made it difficult for media to cover the areas, reported Al Rai daily.

The entry of people without permits is forbidden, and this excludes the media and photographers. Reporters and photographers of various local newspapers used to report daily on the situation of these residents in the lockdown areas, but were recently prevented from entering.  One reason given for the security denying acess to journalists was a report of illegal markets published along with the pictures.

The media are therefore unable to investigate the reality of the residents contained in these areas, or document their various difficulties, especially as many expats have complained of problems especially in the areas of Mahboula and Jleeb Al Shuyoukh.  Large number of workers were troubled as they had run out of food and money since they have not received their salaries from the companies and  businesses they work for.

Expats in the Jleeb region, particularly marginal workers, have to deal with difficult conditions because of overcrowding, including risk of coronavirus infections, and clogged sewers.



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