Measuring CPS: Why Is It Necessary?
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Whether you see gaming as a career or just another hobby, having a great clicking speed is very important. This is because most games are click-based and require you to be a fast clicker to perform better. 

CPS, which stands for click per second, refers to the number of clicks you can produce using your mouse. Interestingly, some sites help you to do the measurement. Measuring your CPS is very important for the following reasons. 

Play the Games 

Most games created recently require you to click very frequently and fast. This is to enable you to react quickly to situations that may arise in the game. If you don't know the number of clicks you can perform per second, playing the games you love will be difficult. Therefore, it is advised that you measure your CPS. If the result is not positive, you can keep practicing to improve it. 

Compete in Tournaments

Tournaments are organized yearly for game lovers to participate and compete against themselves. The games played in these tournaments are very popular and often require you to have a good mouse and CPS. Because your clicking speed is very important, you need to measure it from time to time. In addition, you need to keep practicing so you can produce a good CPS and be able to compete in tournaments. 

Professional Gamer

Notable changes are occurring in different industries and the gaming world is not left out. Now, gaming is considered a sport, and world competitions are organized often. During these competitions, every country will produce professional gamers to represent it. 

However, before you can become a professional gamer and represent your country in these competitions, you must possess certain skills. One of the skills necessary to become a professional gamer is a wonderful clicking speed. 


If you have a great clicking speed, it will cause you to perform better when playing games. With great performance, you can record yourself when playing these games and then post them on different social media platforms. This way, you are not only displaying your wonderful gaming skills but will also become popular. The greater your performance, the more popular you become among gamers all over the world. 

Tips for Improving your CPS

These tips will be helpful to increase your CPS. Let’s take you through optimal tips to enhance your CPS.

  • Search the internet for different clicking techniques so you can try them and find out which works for you. 

  • Because laptop cursors are hard to get used to, use a mouse when clicking.

  • Play different games to practice and improve your clicking speed.

  • Ensure you have a good grip on the mouse so it doesn't slip out of your hands. 


Measuring your CPS is important, so you can perform better when playing your favorite games. Do a cps test to know your speed. If your CPS is poor after measuring, you can decide to get another mouse or practice more. Fortunately, the tips discussed in this article will help you to improve your clicking speed. 

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