McDonalds Branch Closed After Rat Head Found In Burger
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 A McDonalds customer had a shock when he bit into a burger and spat out a rat’s head. The McDonalds restaurant in question has been closed down by authorities in Mexico while they investigate the matter, although the popular chain has suggested it was an extortion attempt.
The state authorities came and put up closure signs at the restaurant in Tlalnepantla de Baz, which is just north of #Mexico City, after receiving a report about the customer finding the rat’s head.
A spokesperson for #McDonalds in Mexico, Felix Ramirez, said the incident is being investigated but said he was confident it was not true.
He said: "We are looking into the matter to see what happened, it has to be something they planted there, it’s totally impossible that this would happen in one of our restaurants." Ramirez went on to say that the customers that made the complaint had asked the manager of the establishment for money in exchange for not making it public.

12 Nov, 2015 2945
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