Market «Haraj» In Its First Days After The Second Opening
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Once again, Souq Al-Haraj received its visitors yesterday, on the first day of its opening for the second time after the last closure, as it opened on June 10 for limited hours, and due to non-compliance with the preventive controls and the required divergence in addition to chaos, chaos and turmoil, it was decided to close.

The Haraj market, which opened its doors since 9 am yesterday, witnessed strict precautionary and organized measures by the concerned authorities to prevent crowding, and the workers began preparing the stalls early, and they and the visitors were keen to wear masks, sterilize hands, and other measures.

Al-Qabas tour to the market revealed that the Kuwait Municipality had prepared camps at the entrances to receive visitors. The temperature was measured using thermal devices supervised by two of those in charge of managing the gates, in addition to security personnel.

Tips and instructions

At home, the "municipality" laid down a set of guidelines on the necessity of adhering to wearing masks and achieving social distancing, while today (Friday) will be the true test of the required spacing mechanism and the application of health requirements.

The first working day for the return of the forester passed naturally, and there was no crowding of visitors, and there was a demand for furniture for bedroom furniture and bedding, in addition to the floor sessions, while the places for selling clothes, carpets and other tools did not witness a great turnout from the public.

The municipality has designated 4 entry gates distributed on all sides of the walls of the forest, in order to be able to measure the temperature and monitor the entrants to it, in addition to preventing non-transport workers and vehicles from helping visitors, while the yards adjacent to the building witnessed a large accumulation of trucks transporting furniture and tools.

While the market receives its visitors 12 hours a day from nine in the morning until nine in the evening, the sources confirmed that it will witness intense campaigns from the relevant authorities to ensure the achievement of health controls.

low prices

Workers in Al-Haraj told Al-Qabas that the market will witness a great turnout today (Friday), especially in the sections of electrical appliances, shoes and furnishings, noting that tools and devices have been cleaned and to ensure that they work and display them in an appropriate manner to attract the public.

Regarding prices, they pointed out that what distinguishes El-Haraj usually is the low price of supply from other markets, and thus it witnesses a demand from other markets.

Smoking and toilets

Workers and visitors to the Haraj market stressed the need to ensure public cleanliness throughout the market and to fulfill the requirements for public hygiene and safety, noting that the toilets suffer from neglect, calling for the necessity to supervise food sales centers inside the building, and to ensure the validity of the offered materials and other requirements.

They pointed out that the phenomenon of smoking is widespread and a corner should be reserved for smokers.


Source: Alqabas

10 Sep, 2020 1208
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