Many Kuwaitis Choose The Private Sector; Mass Resignation Factors Revealed
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In a report by Al-Qabas daily, the Minister of Social Affairs and Community Development revealed the reasons why national competencies are frustrated in the government sector and tend to move into the private sector, with the lack of financial privileges being the primary factor. According to Al-Baghli's letter to the Civil Service Commission (CSC), 30 Kuwaiti employees left the ministry and joined private service centers in order to take advantage of the financial benefits the centers offered. The social welfare sector and other organizational units within the ministry experienced many technical problems due to this. As a result, the minister asked CSC to reconsider the rewards for social and psychological job holders.

In her letter addressed to the Head of CSC Issam Al-Rubaian, Al-Baghli stressed that the lack of approval of the ministry’s request to include this category of employees in the Civil Service Council Resolution. As a result of the Kuwaiti Ministry of Education's circular no 16/2019 regarding jobs and rewards for Kuwaiti employees who hold positions in schools and educational technologies, libraries, classification of technically specialized documents, and some others related to related activities and technologies that are not technically advanced, many education specialists left their posts.

It is important for this category to be presented to the Civil Service Council in view of its importance and role in performing their work duties, as well as reducing the turnover of cadres to other parties, improving their work environment and job stability, and equating them with those who hold those jobs in the Ministry of Education. Similarly, Yahya Al-Dousari, head of the Labor Union, praised Al-Baghli's tireless efforts and intensive meetings with the ministry's leaders in support of social workers' rights. After several meetings, the Personnel Affairs Committee in the Ministry of Social Affairs submitted a list of candidates for supervisory positions to the Civil Service Commission for approval.


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28 Nov, 2022 1132
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