Mandatory ‘health’ Starts At Kd 130

29 November 2021 Health Insurance

The CEO of the Health Assurance Hospitals Company (Dhaman), Thamer Arab, revealed that the price of the mandatory health insurance policy that Dhaman will offer to residents in Kuwait will start at 130 dinars for the first time, and then it will witness a periodic rate increase at an upward rate every two years, with a value of 20 dinars until It reaches the maximum insurance limit of 190 dinars per person after 9 years, reports Al-Anba daily. In an exclusive statement to Al-Anba, Arab stated citizens and others have the right to benefit from the various “Dhaman” services the cost of which in according to the usage if there is not policy document, pointing out at the same time that the new Dhaman insurance policy will cover all the needs of the residents who buy the insurance from all aspects of health care, including medical advice, diagnosis, treatment and cost of medicines that the company provides.

Arab explained that the insurance policy followed by the company revolves around providing the new mandatory health insurance for residents working in the private sector in Kuwait according to residence under Article 18 only and their families to replace the current mandatory health insurance provided by the Ministry of Health. Arab pointed out the compulsory health insurance policy is currently issued by the Ministry of Health for 50 dinars, with additional fees for radiology services, laboratory, and other services in government centers and hospitals.

He added that the company’s implementation of the integrated system for the maintenance of health (Health Maintenance Organization HMO) provides a new policy that will cover all the needs of the beneficiary in all aspects of health care. Arab explained that the price of the policy at 130 dinars will be applied to all expatriates, including the wife and children who have a residence status to join a family, especially since the price of the policy, which is set at 130 dinars, is considered as the base price for a person, noting at the same time that the presence of private health insurance for the expatriate has nothing to do with compulsory health insurance upon renewal of residence, as according to the current compulsory health insurance system of the Ministry of Health, which implements the texts contained in the Kuwaiti law, the compulsory insurance is a must for a person residing in Kuwait even if he possesses private health insurance according to the decisions of the Council of Ministers and the Ministry of Health.





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