Maid Stabs Child 8 Times While Asleep
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An Ethiopian housemaid waited for the 4-year-old son of her Saudi employer to sleep, brought a kitchen knife and stabbed him eight times .
the maid stabbed the boy 3 times in the face, one in the hand and 4 in the back before she was controlled by the child’s mother.
The boy’s father, Ghareeb Qablan, said he was out when the maid attacked his son in his bedroom at home in the capital Riyadh while his mother was also in her bedroom.

The mother tried to stop her but she kept stabbing the child and screaming. She stabbed him eight times before she was brought under control by the mother after a fight, which resulted in the mother’s injury , the boy was admitted to the intensive care unit in a serious condition.

09 Nov, 2015 2231
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