Losses Estimated Due To Torrential Rains About KD 300 Mln And Rising
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Officials of varied specializations including financial, engineering and insurance agree that the estimated value of the losses resulting from the recent torrential rains in the country is about KD 300 million, reports Al- Qabas daily.

They indicated that this number is expected to increase in the coming days if the situation worsens. The officials explained that the cost includes direct losses in terms of damages to infrastructure, public facilities and private properties, as well as indirect losses resulting from breakdowns. The compensation does not include indirect losses.

They will focus on the deserving cases of citizens whose houses and properties have been destroyed. They hinted that the loss resulting from days-off in both public and private sectors are estimated to be KD 50 million per day, adding that the production should be increased in the coming days in order to compensate for the wasted time.



19 Nov, 2018 300
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