Locally Transferred Visa 18 Wants To Change The Job Before 1 Yr
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I am an Indian female working in the private sector on Visa 18. Before Visa 18, I was on Visa 22. My Visa 18 is valid from 8th October, 2018. This is the first visa for me from my company. For better career opportunities, I am planning to change my current job. Can I change my company now, or I have to serve for one year of my visa commencement date? Please guide me.

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Answer: Since you were hired locally by your present company, the law stipulates that you should work for the company for at least one year before you can ask for a release if you don’t possess a university degree. If you however possess a university degree you can leave the company at any point in time provided that you give the company in question the threemonth mandatory notice period

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