Lebanese Woman’s Father Refuses To Believe Suicide Report
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The family of Sara Mahmoud Suleiman who allegedly fell to her death from the 18th floor of a residential building and is termed as ‘suicide’ by the concerned authorities refuses to believe the woman ended her life in this manner, reports Al-Rai daily.

“Sara cannot have taken this step, she is a smart and quiet girl,” the father of Sara told the daily. He went on to say, “I have lived 54 years there, my children were born and brought up there and my faith in the Kuwaiti judiciary is great, but if the orientation as is in the media, to close the file as suicide, I will follow the case and I will not leave my daughter’s legal right. I am 100 percent sure she did not commit suicide.” “I categorically reject talking about (she suffering from) a mental illness. If that was the case, she should not have stayed for one hour in her marital home.”

The family of Sarah was waiting for her arrival in Lebanon. The father pointed out that “her brothers came from America, Canada and Kuwait, and we were waiting for a joyful family bonding, but unfortunately we were shocked by the news of her death.” A day before the tragedy, I called her husband, and asked him to give her papers to travel, and it appears after that a fight occurred between them. A security source told the daily it is a clear case of suicide as per the Forensic report

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