Lebanese Court Is Looking Into The Case Of Two Kuwaiti Citizens Murder
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A Lebanese court is looking into the case of two Kuwaiti citizens, Nabil Ghareeb and Hussein Al-Nassar who were murdered inside their home in the Kahala neighborhood in eastern Beirut by two Syrians on March 16, 2016, reports Al-Rai daily. According to court papers the men were killed with a blow to the heads using a hammer. The motive is believed to be theft.

The daily quoting Lebanese judicial sources said, the case is given great priority after delay of 3 years. The two Syrians who are accused of killing the two Kuwaitis were taken to the site at Mount Lebanon recently to re-enact the crimes, according to Al-Qabas daily.

The men are identified as Ammar Ahmed Rajab, 41, and his compatriot Samir Wahid Mustafa, 39. Rajab who works as a gatekeeper said he planned to kill the two men Hussein Mohammed Hussein Nabil Nassar and Nabil Ghareeb in cooperation with Samir at dawn that Tuesday. He added that he went to the bedroom through the main door since he had the keys to the door and woke up Samir to help him.

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