Leaving Job During Probation Period
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I would like your advise on my situation. I recently joined a company but I don’t want to continue working here. I don’t have any issues with the company but I don’t like my job role. I have a 100 days probation period and I plan to leave within that period. My contract states that either party can terminate employment during probation period without any notice. Am I liable to pay any fines or serve notice period? Also if I leave mid-month, how should I claim my salary?

Name withheld

Answer: As the work contract states that either party can terminate the employment during the probation period without any notice, you will be acting within the law if you terminate your services with the company without any notice period or being liable to pay any fines. Indeed you can walk away at any period during the probation just as the company reserves the right to fire you within the same period as spelt out in the contract. If you leave mid-month you will be paid for the number of days you have worked in a similar manner you were paid when you worked for a full month.

21 Jun, 2019 5420
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