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First of all let me thank you for the free legal guidance that you are providing to the expat community.

I would like to know what the current Kuwait Labor Law states on accumulating annual leave. As my family is here in Kuwait, I did not go on annual leave for the past 2 years. I am an accountant and have been with my current employer for the past 4 years and my total annual leave balance now stands at 58 days. Is there a limit on the maximum annual leave that employees can accumulate? If yes, please suggest a solution.

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Answer: The second paragraph of Article 72 of the Kuwait Labor Law clearly says that an employee can accumulate two years annual and he can take all of it together with the consent of the employer. The next paragraph states that an employee can accumulate annual leave for over two years with the consent of both the parties. As you have already accumulated leave for two years, you would have to reach an agreement with your employer if you want to accumulate annual leave beyond this period.



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