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Over A Third Of Employees In Kuwait Link Loyalty To Salary Over a third of employees (36%) taking part in a salary survey in Kuwait said their loyalty to their company was, fully or in large measure, linked to the salary they received. On the other hand, 34 p... May 09, 2021 427 Category: Kuwait
More People Set To Depart Than Arrive During Eid Holidays COVID-19 may have put a dampener on celebrations for more than a year now, but this year people are apparently preparing to go abroad and enjoy the upcoming Eid holidays. According to available dat... May 09, 2021 453 Category: Kuwait
KD1.8 Bn Worth 132 Projects In Annual Plan For 2021/’22 The annual development plan for Kuwait for the current fiscal year 2021/2022 reveals that the state is targeting the implementation of 132 projects worth KD 1.8 billion. These projects will be impleme... May 09, 2021 292 Category: Business
5,796 Chemical Shipments For Imports And Exports ‘cleared’ The Chemical Safety Department of the Environment Public Authority last month completed the procedures for releasing 5,796 shipments of chemical imports and exports — 3,893 imports and 1,903 exp... May 09, 2021 73 Category: Business
Over 900,000 Patients On Oxygen Support Across India The minister said that 1.34 percent of COVID caseload was in ICU, 0.39 percent of cases were on ventilators and 3.70 percent COVID patients were on oxygen support While 1,70,841 COVID patients across... May 09, 2021 177 Category: India
India Expresses Gratitude To Kuwait For Supplying Medical Assistance Medical supply shipments continued to flow from Kuwait to India, with the third batch of consignment departing on 6 May on board two Indian naval vessels. The Indian Naval Ship, INS Tabar was loaded w... May 09, 2021 95 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Logs 1,095 New COVID-19 Cases, 7 Deaths Kuwait’s Ministry of Health has announced recording 1,095 new coronavirus infections and 7 related deaths in the past 24 hours. The new figures take the total cases in the country up to 284,0... May 09, 2021 363 Category: Coronavirus
24 Secret Features Unknown To IPhone Users The specialized scientific site “Popular Science” monitored a large number of hidden settings and features, which many iPhone users are unaware of, which came as follows: 1- Notificatio... May 08, 2021 573 Category: Technology
WhatsApp Again Postpones The Date Of Implementing The New Rules Of Use Regarding Data Confidentiality Facebook, the messaging service of Facebook, on Friday postponed again the deadline for strict enforcement of its new rules on confidentiality, for which it is facing criticism for its data collection... May 08, 2021 211 Category: Information
India Reports Over 4,000 COVID-19 Deaths In 24 Hours For First Time Ever India recorded a new record number of victims caused by the Corona virus within 24 hours, exceeding four thousand deaths, according to what the government announced on Saturday. The government said... May 08, 2021 200 Category: India
Kuwait Is Safe From The Wreckage Of The "Chinese Missile" Today, Saturday, the International Astronomy Center revealed that the debris of the Chinese missile will pass this evening four times over the Arab world. The center stated, in a tweet on its offic... May 08, 2021 1743 Category: Kuwait
Mistakes In English Names On Vaccination Certificates Raises Concern The Ministry of Health (MoH) began issuing vaccination certificates a few days ago, which will be a prerequisite for entering some facilities in the country or even to travel to another country after ... May 08, 2021 538 Category: Coronavirus
Kuwait Ranks Fourth In The Gulf Region With Recovery Rates From Covid-19 At 94.2% A survey carried out by the Gulf Arab Health Council confirmed that the State of Kuwait ranks fourth with a rate of 94.2% in the recovery rates of patients from Covid-19 among the Gulf countries, Al A... May 08, 2021 138 Category: Kuwait
13% Of Kuwait’s Population Receive Two Vaccine Doses Against Coronavirus The third batch of the Oxford vaccine shipment containing 388,000 doses is expected to arrive in the country on Monday, coming from Russia. This will be utilized towards accelerating the rate of anti-... May 08, 2021 341 Category: Coronavirus
Indian Man Commits Suicide In Al-Firdous An Indian committed suicide at his sponsor’s house in Al-Firdous. His corpse has been referred to the Forensic Medicine Department. The Operations Room of the Ministry of Interior was informed o... May 08, 2021 221 Category: Crime News
MPs Hit International Community Many MPs have condemned the Israelis for breaking into the Al Aqsa mosque and attacking Palestinians residing in Jerusalem. MP Abdulkareem Al-Kandari criticized the attitude of the international commu... May 08, 2021 289 Category: Kuwait
Man Sentenced To 3 Years Jail For Offending Ruler On Twitter The Court of Appeals, headed by Judge Nasr Salem Al-Haid, sentenced an individual to three years in prison for committing State security crimes when he posted statements on a fake Twitter account as t... May 08, 2021 195 Category: Crime News
Policewomen Checkpoints Along With Their Male Colleagues The female police in the public security sector embody the true picture of women working alongside their male counterparts in the area of implementing the decisions of the Council of Ministers related... May 08, 2021 211 Category: Crime News
Asians Caught Producing Liquor In Hawally A security team of Hawally directorate arrested 5 Asians who were producing alcohol in Hawally. 1000 bottles of liquor per day was being produced from 5 different apartments.They were referred to the ... May 08, 2021 1209 Category: Crime News
Cabinet To Review The Continuation Of The Curfew On Monday The Cabinet will discuss at its Monday session whether to continue the partial curfew after Ramadan or to end it after the health authorities submit their report tomorrow, Sunday, Al-Qabas daily repor... May 08, 2021 2345 Category: Lockdown