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Providing False Information On Online Shopping Website Will Land You In Legal Issues Residents who falsify their information while making reservations on the online shopping system during the times of the lockdown and receive a barcode on false information will face legal action, repo... May 17, 2020 968 Category: Kuwait
Imprisonment Or Fine Or Both If You Fail To Wear Mask Or Cover The Ministry of Health stated that violating the decision to wear a protective mask or covering the nose and mouth by any other means in public place as a preventative measure will invite an imprisonm... May 17, 2020 1099 Category: Coronavirus
Procedures For Random Coronavirus Checkups, What To Do? The Ministry of Health (MoH) announced that 180 individuals per day would be called at random for coronavirus testing from among the community as part of the anti-coronavirus measures. MoH have starte... May 17, 2020 3834 Category: Kuwait
1048 New corona cases ,5 Deaths recorded today - total corona cases to 14850 MOH Confirms 1,048 new cases of Coronavirus & 5 new deaths in the last 24 hours, raising the total number of cases to 14,850 0 Cases related to travel 5 New death cases ( Total 112 ) ... May 17, 2020 4007 Category: Coronavirus
Expats Workers Stranded Abroad Can Get Visas Renewed In Kuwait Workers stranded in their home countries and whose residency visa expired as of the beginning of the year, can now get their visa renewed, according to a ministerial decision issued by Kuwait’s ... May 17, 2020 2103 Category: Expats
Coronavirus Leaves Gulf Migrant Workers Stranded Pradeep Kumar and his wife Premlatha, who is 32 weeks pregnant, spent two nights last week sleeping in the basement car park. They had been told to leave their home in the same building in Dubai by th... May 17, 2020 1658 Category: Coronavirus
Landlord Has No Right To Force Tenants Out Of The House Tenants who did not pay rents had their water and electricity disconnected in their apartments, and 40 complaints were submitted online about their landlords, reported a local daily. The reports were ... May 17, 2020 3757 Category: Coronavirus
250 Coronavirus Recoveries In Kuwait - Total At 4,093 Kuwait’s Health Ministry announced, Sunday, the recovery of 250 people from the coronavirus (COVID-19), bringing the tally to 4,093. A ministry press statement said analyses and medical exami... May 17, 2020 624 Category: Coronavirus
Visa Application Issues Could Stop Students Reaching Universities The centres are used to collect biometric information, documents and, in some countries, function as places to conduct in-person interviews with applicants – all necessary steps before a visa ca... May 17, 2020 581 Category: Education
Opening Of The Airport Is Out Of The Question Now - Health Minister Minister of Health Dr. Basil Al-Sabah said about the possibility of opening flights for travelers,That the matter is still in the process of evaluating the health situation in the country and then for... May 17, 2020 6037 Category: Coronavirus
Arab Expat Arrested for Quarreled With Army Personnel The Ministry of Interior announced late Saturday that it has arrested an Arab expatriate who appeared in a video clip, posted on social media, quarreling with army personnel at a shopping mall in Al S... May 17, 2020 498 Category: Crime News
Commerce Ministry Inspects 59 Cooperatives And Supermarkets The Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI) has completed the inspection of 59 supermarkets, commercial establishments and pharmacies to ensure the flow of purchases and food deliveries and price sta... May 17, 2020 415 Category: Coronavirus
Immune Plasma Technology To Support Corona Treatment Ongoing The director of the blood transfusion services department at the Central Blood Bank, Dr. Reem Al-Radwan, revealed that the program of preparing the immune plasma to confront the emerging corona virus,... May 17, 2020 686 Category: Coronavirus
MoH Launches Drive-thru Coronavirus Testing Site The Ministry of Health inaugurated late Saturday a drive-through novel coronavirus testing center at Jazeera Airways Park & Fly facility at the Kuwait International Airport. The center will hel... May 17, 2020 885 Category: Coronavirus
Work Is Continuing On The Airport Project 2 The Assistant Undersecretary for Major Projects Sector confirmed the assignment at the Ministry of Public Works Eng. Abdul Mohsen Al-Anzi, continued efforts in the implementation of work related to th... May 17, 2020 1122 Category: Coronavirus
NBK Children Hospital Receives Leukemia Patients From Sunday And Monday The Director of the National Bank of Kuwait Hospital for Children, and the pediatric Hematology and Cancer Consultant, Dr. Ali Mulla Ali reported the hospital’s outpatient sterilization and... May 17, 2020 857 Category: Health
Random Tests To Be Conducted On 180 Individuals Daily The Ministry of Health (MoH) announced that 180 individuals per day would be called at random for coronavirus testing from among the community as part of the anti-coronavirus measures. The ministry... May 17, 2020 1128 Category: Coronavirus
Dates Of Pending CBSE Exams To Be Announced But It Won’t Affect Kuwait Students The dates for the remaining exams for Class 10 and 12 under the Indian CBSE will be announced on Monday, a top Indian official has tweeted. The announcement was set to be made at 5pm India time on ... May 17, 2020 670 Category: India
Shopping Reservations On Website Reached 77,773 The Ministry of Trade and Industry revealed that the total of online shopping reservations the day before yesterday reached 77,773 reservations through the online system of booking appointments at coo... May 17, 2020 558 Category: Coronavirus
40 Reports Filed For Disconnecting Electricity And Water Of Tenants The Ministry of Electricity and Water (MEW) received 40 reports about landlords and guards who disconnected water and electricity from units where tenants did not pay rent during the curfew, reports A... May 16, 2020 932 Category: Kuwait