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1008 New Corona Cases And 11 deaths Today - Total Corona Cases To 26192 The Kuwaiti Ministry of Health announced 1008 new coronavirus (COVID-19) infections in the last 24 hours, bringing the total of infections to 26m192, while 11 deaths were reported raising the number o... May 30, 2020 3738 Category: Coronavirus
97,000 E-shopping Reservations Recorded Yesterday The Ministry of Trade and Industry revealed that the total of e-shopping reservations recorded yesterday 97,290 appointments in cooperative societies, parallel markets and catering branches, where 42,... May 30, 2020 763 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Pledges US$100 Million To Coronavirus Global Response The European Union Friday published a full list of the countries and the amount they pledged at the Coronavirus Global Response virtual event held on 4 May hosted by the European Commission. Kuwait ha... May 30, 2020 571 Category: Coronavirus
18 Fuel Stations Operating Around The Clock - KNPC The National Petroleum Company announced 18 of its gas stations that will operate around the clock during the first stage of the return to normal life in Kuwait. The company said in a statement tha... May 30, 2020 592 Category: Lockdown
32 Health Centers Will Operate From Tomorrow The Ministry of Health has approved primary health care centers, which will operate from tomorrow, Sunday. The Ministry asserted in a circular issued by that the health centers that will start thei... May 30, 2020 2147 Category: Lockdown
Baking Mills Is Available From 7 Am To 5 Pm In The Isolated Area Kuwait Flour Mills and Bakeries Company prepared a comprehensive pre-emptive plan to contain any supply of its products, especially “bread” in new isolated areas such as Farwaniya, Khaitan... May 30, 2020 1141 Category: Lockdown
Lifting Of Total Curfew from Sunday Morning - Residents Can Move Within The Lockdown Area Lifting of the total curfew will begin from Sunday morning 6:00 am, and it is not allowed to walk around and leave on Saturday night. The residents inside the areas under lock-down are allowed to g... May 30, 2020 28788 Category: Lockdown
International Day For Living Together In Peace & International Day Of UN Peacekeepers The month of May marks two remarkable days. The world celebrates the International Day of Living Together in Peace on the 16th of May, and the International Day for UN Peacekeepers on the 29 th of May... May 30, 2020 445 Category: Information
MOCI Proposal - Special Curfew Permits For Workers In Lockdown Areas The Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI) will offer a proposal to the government for the renewal of curfew permits which were valid during the period of the total curfew, even for residents of loc... May 30, 2020 2267 Category: Lockdown
Hawalli Under Lockdown With Entrances And Exits Closed Off The Ministry of Interior completely closed the Hawalli area in preparation for the total curfew imposed on the area, reported Al Rai daily.  The personnel from the Ministry of Interior spread set... May 30, 2020 1368 Category: Lockdown
Filipina In Kuwait Rescued After Employers Allegedly Broke Two Billiard Sticks On Her Back And Rubbed Salt On It A Filipina worker in Kuwait escaped from her abusive employers who allegedly broke two billiard sticks on her back and rubbed salt on it. She was rescued by the Philippine Embassy in Kuwait. Fili... May 30, 2020 4787 Category: Filipinos
Take Appointment of Before Entering Coop During Partial Curfew During the partial curfew, people can enter coops and catering branches only with a prior appointment and with a barcode issued by the website here:, released by the Ministry of Commerce... May 29, 2020 2899 Category: Lockdown
MOI Officers Seized A Bus In Hawally For Smuggling 12 Expats At a security point MOI officers seized a bus in Hawally belonging to one company for smuggling out 12 people of various nationalities out from Hawally area the people in the bus were not having curfe... May 29, 2020 1077 Category: Crime News
EarthQuake 300 Km From Kuwait City A five-degree earthquake was registered west of Iran at 11:03 a.m. (08:03 GMT) on Friday, the seismological department at Kuwait. Institute for Scientific Research said in a statement The quake was... May 29, 2020 4280 Category: Kuwait
Quarantine For Salmiya Block 12 Still Under Consideration The quarantine of Block 12 in the Salmiya area opposite Maidan Hawally, which is separated by the Fourth Ring is under consideration and so far no measures have been taken to lockdown the area, report... May 29, 2020 2283 Category: Coronavirus
Tight Procedures At The Entrances And Exits Of Hawally, Khaitan And Farwaniya The cabinet’s decision to change the total curfew to a partial curfew is effective from Sunday, reported Al Rai daily. It is not permissible to walk around and leave the house on Saturday night.... May 29, 2020 2061 Category: Lockdown
Minister Warns Suspicious Transactions With Foreign Companies Will Be Investigated The financial probe department (of the Ministry of Finance) has finalized scrutinizing reports about transactions purportedly involving Kuwait-based companies with a Chinese company and former Malaysi... May 29, 2020 1075 Category: Kuwait
Preparations For Total Lockdown Are Proceeding In Khaitan And Farwaniya Forces from the defense and the National Guard are entrusted with initiating the total lockdown of the mentioned area especially in Khaitan and Farawaniya regions. All entrances and exits will be cord... May 29, 2020 2542 Category: Lockdown
1072 New corona cases and 9 new deaths today - total corona cases to 25184 The Kuwaiti Ministry of Health announced 1072 new coronavirus (COVID-19) infections in the last 24 hours, bringing the total of infections to 25,184, while 9 deaths were reported raising the number of... May 29, 2020 4348 Category: Coronavirus
575 More Corona Recoveries - Total At 9,273 The Kuwaiti Health Ministry Friday confirmed the recovery of 575 additional novel coronavirus patients, bringing the total number of recoveries to 9,273 so far. Lab analyses and medical tests showe... May 29, 2020 895 Category: Coronavirus