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The Ministry Of Foreign Affairs Issues Schengen Visa Instructions The Ministry of Foreign Affairs advised Kuwaiti nationals seeking Schengen visas to apply well in advance through the offices authorized by the relevant embassies to avoid delays. In a statement relea... August 17, 2022 95 Category: Kuwait
6 Agricultural Plots, Are Being Investigated And Property Seized Ali Al-Mousa, the minister of public works, announced that the owners of six agricultural plots totaling 725,000 square meters had been referred to the general department for investigations after... August 17, 2022 72 Category: article
Public Works Receives Five Truck Parking Lots From The Municipality The Ministry of Public Works has received 5 truck sites to park heavy-duty vehicles, according to the Kuwait Municipality. According to the source, the Municipal Council made many choices about the di... August 17, 2022 40 Category: Kuwait
New Agriculture Director Appointed In Kuwait In a decision made on Tuesday, August 16, Engineer Ali Al-Mousa, Minister of Public Works and Minister of Electricity, Water, and Renewable Energy, named Ahmed Trad Al-Mutairi as the new Director of L... August 17, 2022 40 Category: Kuwait
Monkeypox Still Poses A Threat But Covid-19 Fears Are Decreasing The ongoing monkeypox outbreak continues to cause concern due to the worry that the viral disease might enter the country through travel, despite the Ministry of Health recently closing Covid-19 vacci... August 17, 2022 54 Category: Kuwait
Jleeb And Mahboulla Face Another Security Raid For The Fifth Day On Tuesday at various locations, including Jleeb and Mahboulla, the security officers continued their extensive security campaign to catch the lawbreakers for the fifth consecutive day. In the presenc... August 17, 2022 69 Category: Kuwait
Tax On E-cigarettes Will Increase To 100% On January 1, 2023 It will take four months until electronic cigarette taxes are introduced. The full tax won't go into action until January 1 of the following year. Starting on January 1st, 2023, both flavored and ... August 17, 2022 57 Category: Kuwait
Efforts To Curtail Violations In The Bird Market And Save Lives According to Al-Rai daily, government agencies have mobilized to 'dismantle' and remove violations and correct the market conditions following the report, "Bird Market... a time bomb"... August 17, 2022 75 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Has More Than 10,000 People Suffering From Mental Disabilities The Public Authority for Disability Affairs (PADA) reports that there are 10,280 mentally retarded individuals in Kuwait, and that the number of these individuals who need help, support, listen to the... August 17, 2022 61 Category: Kuwait
Kuwait Airport Customs Seizes 140 Kg Of Kratom Leaves 140 kg of narcotics were seized at the airport by the Customs Department from a country in Asia. Kuwaiti citizen received the shipment. Kratom leaves powder was checked in large quantities after suspi... August 17, 2022 116 Category: Crime News
Beware Of Fake News, MOI Kuwaitis and expats have been warned against spreading rumors and distorted news by the Cybercrime Department, MOI advises them to take information only from official sources in order to avoid being h... August 16, 2022 112 Category: Crime News
Ballot According To Voter's Civil ID Address Two hundred and thirty complaints and petitions were presented to the 2020 National Assembly against ministries and other public institutions. The Complaints and Petitions Committee was in charge of a... August 16, 2022 52 Category: Kuwait
In Salmiya, A Surprise Security Campaign Was Launched The security teams conducted a surprise campaign in Salmiya and an extensive campaign in Jleeb for the fifth consecutive day. According to the Security Media Department of the Interior Ministry, this ... August 16, 2022 158 Category: Crime News
45 Investment Properties Shut Down For Violation By Municipality According to Falah Al-Shammari, Director of Mubarak Al-Kabeer Municipality Branch, 45 violating investment properties are being commercially exploited in Mubarak Al-Kabeer Governorate, and a tour of t... August 16, 2022 75 Category: Crime News
Over 4.6 Million People Live In Kuwait; PACI And CSB Statistics Limit Policymaking Public institutions under the government include the Central Statistical Bureau (CSB) and the Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI). These two institutions are primarily responsible for provid... August 16, 2022 80 Category: Kuwait
At The End Of July, Kuwait Had 12.78 Billion Dinars In Cash Reserves At the end of July last year, Kuwait's cash reserves were 12.78 billion dinars, an increase of 0.32% and a 41 million dinar increase on a monthly basis, up from 12.74 billion dinars in June, when ... August 16, 2022 154 Category: Kuwait
Predicting The Impact Of Genetic Mutations On Public Health Is Implemented By KISR Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research has completed a research project entitled 'Using Artificial Intelligence to Model the Effect of Genetic Mutations on Public Health'. An Arabic daily... August 16, 2022 79 Category: Kuwait
Moroccan Woman Ordered To Pay $500 Million To Her Kuwaiti Ex-husband By US Court An American court has awarded $500 million in damages to a Kuwaiti ambassador who accused his ex-wife of adultery and forgery.  According to Sadiq M. Marafi, a Kuwaiti ambassador, Hind El-Achc... August 16, 2022 421 Category: Kuwait
Full-Scale Nuclear War Of US vs Russia Could Kill 5 Billion People; Study shows Nuclear war today would lead to the death of five billion people, with a global famine, caused by soot blocking sunlight, likely killing far more people than lethal blasts. Scientists at Rutgers Un... August 16, 2022 286 Category: International
A Doctor Who Abused Patients Sexually Commits Suicide In Prison According to two people familiar with the matter, a prominent neurologist who was convicted last month of sexually abusing patients committed suicide Monday at a New York City jail. At the Eric M. ... August 16, 2022 280 Category: International
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