Landlords And Lust For Money - Rooms Built On Rooftops
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In light of what has been undertaken by the private sector to develop buildings in the city and its surrounding areas, some landlords follow a different trend and it looks like they do not want to keep pace with what is happening around them but rather they like to give the world a distorted picture of their country, reports Al-Qabas daily.

Some landlords, in a lust to make money, have built prefabricated rooms on their rooftops and rented them out for bachelors. What these landlords do not realize is that these bachelors pose a security threat in a strategic area like that in Sharq in the midst of skyscrapers which have become the order of the day.

As part of its efforts to eliminate the violations in the country, the Municipality conducted a tour to some of the real estate buildings which have built rooms in violation of the Municipal laws, especially on



14 Oct, 2019 0 1113
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