Kuwait's Education Sector Needs 590 Teachers

03 September 2023 Education

According to Al-Jarida daily, the Ministry of Education is preparing for the new academic year 2023/2024 while determining the number of teachers needed externally. After completing the procedures of all local applicants who met the requirements, the ministry plans to recruit 590 teachers externally. The daily obtained a copy of the latest statistics, which revealed the ministry needs 590 male and female teachers for eight subjects.

In Jordan, the following teachers are needed: 35 teachers in English at the intermediate and secondary levels, 25 in French, and 55 in Mathematics at the primary and secondary levels, 25 in Science at the primary level, 10 in Chemistry, 15 in Physics, 10 in Biology and 10 in Geology – 185 in total. Female teachers: 60 for Mathematics in the intermediate and secondary levels, and 10 for Physics – a total of 70.

According to sources, the ministry had planned to hire 255 teachers from Jordan, but the Jordan Recruitment Committee did not hire the specified number; because only 120 applicants were hired, the remaining number of teachers may be hired from Palestine, according to sources. Sources stated that the Palestine Recruitment Committee is supposed to hire 230 male teachers – 45 for English in the middle and high school levels, 25 for French, 65 for Mathematics in the middle and high school levels, 35 for Science in the intermediate level, 15 for Chemistry, 20 for Physics, 15 for Biology and 10 for Geology.

Mathematics requires 90 female teachers at the middle and high school levels, and Physics requires 15. Sources disclosed this committee’s work ended Sunday. A ministry source confirmed that it is coordinating with the relevant authorities to ease the paperwork for the arriving teachers so they can begin their duties as soon as possible.


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