Kuwaitis Top List Of Criminal Cases
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Kuwaitis topped the list of criminal cases recorded in the country in 2017 such that they were responsible for 2,958 of the entire 5,969 cases within the period in review while Saudis came second on the list with 795 cases and Syrians followed with 613 cases.

According to official statistics issued by the Public Prosecution Department, Lebanese committed 279 crimes last year and Indians were responsible for 266 cases, while Jordanians and Palestinians were involved in 239 cases respectively.

Records showed that Bedouns committed 107 crimes, other Asian nationalities were responsible for 316 crimes, other Arab nationals committed 106 crimes, and Egyptians were involved in 73 crimes. Also, 80 cases were registered against suspected foreigners and Pakistanis committed 85 crimes, Iranians were responsible for 66 crimes, and 13 cases were registered against suspects from unspecified countries



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