Kuwaitis Increased By 43% In Government Sector Over 20 Years
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The number of Kuwaiti employees in government institutions increased by 43% in the last 20 years, while the percentage of expatriates increased by 30% and laborers from the Gulf States by 59%, reports Al- Qabas daily.

The increase in the number of Kuwaiti employees since 1999 until the current year is about 81 thousand, with an employment rate of 4,091 annually, while the employment of expatriates increased by more than 18 thousand, with an average annual employment of 905, and the number of Gulf citizens increased annually by about 84 and reached the number of 1678 in 20 years.

Follow-up sources said that the implementation of the policy to replace expatriates by citizens does not necessarily mean the cessation of recruitment of expatriates in some rare specialties, which currently cannot be filled by the citizens because of insufficiency in academic and scientific qualifications covering some areas, such as teaching, medicine or nursing staff.

Over the past years, the employment rate in government agencies has increased for several reasons, most notably the creation of new government bodies and institutions, and tightening screws on fictitious employment in the private sector, prompting citizens to apply for government jobs.

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