Kuwaitis Are The Second Happiest People In The World
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Among 157 countries, Kuwaitis are the happiest Arab people and the second happiest people in the world, after Switzerland, according to the Hanke Annual Misery Index (HAMI).

In this index, unemployment (multiplied by two), inflation, and bank-lending rates are subtracted from real GDP per capita growth.

Kuwait achieved strong performance in all fields in 2022, according to the index. Based on Hankey's calculations, the negatives were minimal, while the good indicators were strong (annual real GDP growth reached 4.5 percent).

Among the Top 10 'happiest' countries are Switzerland, Kuwait, Ireland, Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, Niger, Thailand, Togo and Malta, while the Top 10 'miserable' countries are Zimbabwe, Venezuela, Syria, Lebanon, Sudan, Argentina, Yemen, Ukraine, Cuba and Turkey.

An indicator of the economic well-being of the average citizen, the Misery Index is calculated by adding the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate to the annual inflation rate.

Top 10 'happiest' countries 

1. Switzerland 
2. Kuwait 
3. Ireland 
4. Japan 
5. Malaysia 
6. Taiwan 
7. Niger 
8. Thailand 
9. Togo 
10. Malta 

Top 10 ‘miserable’ countries

1. Zimbabwe 
2. Venezuela 
3. Syria 
4. Lebanon 
5. Sudan 
6. Argentina 
7. Yemen 
8. Ukraine 
9. Cuba 
10. Turkey

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