Kuwaiti Woman Acquitted Of Stealing The Husband’s Semen And Forging His Signature
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The Misdemeanor Court acquitted a Kuwaiti woman of stealing the husband’s semen and forging his signature for testtube fertilization. The Public Prosecution Department charged the woman for using sample of the husband’s semen stored in a hospital for an In Vitro Fertilization without his consent.

The husband said the accused took advantage of the fact that sample of his semen was kept in a hospital, so she forged his signature and other necessary documents requested by the Hospital for Test- Tube Fertilization, and got three babies. Attorney Zaid Al-Khabbaz in defense of the woman maintained that the man’s signature on the documents was not forged, because he actually signed all documents, noting the couple agreed to try test-tube fertilization after several failed attempts to have children the regular way.

He added the accusation is based on mere malice since the couple filed for divorce shortly after the lawsuit was submitted. He also argued that the plaintiff carried out all official procedures at that time without complaint, although he knew the babies were the product of test tube fertilization.



08 Jan, 2019 779
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