Kuwaiti Swindled
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The Misdemeanor Court has acquitted a Kuwaiti citizen and a real-estate broker who were accused of swindling and deceiving another citizen into buying a nonexistent farm and three livestock pens. The Public Prosecution had charged the suspects of tricking the complainant and enticing him to buy non-existent real estate in order to get his money.

In his complaint, the plaintiff explained that he had contacted a company after coming across an advertisement about a farm that was available for sale. The second suspect (broker) answered his call and referred him to the first suspect who informed him that he owns the land which was granted to him by the Amiri Diwan.


They together went to Abdali to see a piece of land which the first suspect said was his farm. This was followed by the signing of the contract and the transfer of the full sum of the agreed money. In court, Lawyer Ali Matar Al-Wawan who was representing the broker said the circumstances of the case comes short of a fraud and swindling case as the Public Prosecution did not provide concrete evidences to back the charges against his client



09 Mar, 2018 686
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