Kuwaiti Citizen Caused The Death Of An Asian Expat
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A Kuwaiti citizen caused the death of an Asian expatriate on the 6th peripheral highway in the area of Al-Salibiya. 

The citizen, who was under the influence of alcohol, ran over the Pakistani man who was riding his motorbike, leaving his dead. 

Another Pakistani expatriate, the victim’s brother who was on the same motorbike sustained multiple injuries. 


The driver was visibly drunk, attacking a police officer at Al-Salibiya station, injuring his ear, according to Alqabas. 

The Kuwaiti man was referred to the criminal investigation officers who launched an inquiry. 

The injured Pakistani told the police chased them and then ran over his 30-year-old brother deliberately due to an old problem between them.


31 Mar, 2018 445
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