Kuwaiti Ball Acrobat Attracts Hundreds At Expo Milano
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Talented Kuwaiti youth Ali Yousef Al-Saqabi has entertained hundreds of Expo Milano 2015 visitors, performing acrobatic movements with a ball and educating fans about Kuwait's unique history and culture. The 23-year old medicine student, who performs with the ball as a hobby, told Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) that he is pleased for being invited by Head of Kuwait's delegation to the Expo Faisal Al-Mutalaqim to perform in the Kuwaiti section.

The acrobat said he started his hobby to raise money in charity fairs, adding that he was surprised at the number of visitors his show had attracted in the Expo. Al-Saqabi, who is performing on daily basis for two weeks at the Kuwaiti section, meets with fans after his shows to provide them with information about his country's achievements, history and culture.

The Kuwaiti youth said he started this hobby in 2006 where he performed for his friends in the beginning, moving on to participate in international events afterwards, including the international tournament held in Abu Dhabi in 2011 and London in 2012, adding that he will also take part in a tournament in the Czech Republic, end of August.

Al-Saqabi, who trains four hours daily and has created his own moves in the art, is currently teaching others his skillful movements, under the exclusive names "Al-Saqabi move", "A.Y.S." and "Al-Saqabi trick".

24 Aug, 2015 0 1454
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