Kuwaiti Arrested For Smuggling 1 Kg Of Hashish And 4 Kgs Of Shabu
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Known foreign school fined KD 5,000

A Kuwaiti was arrested in Sabahiya for smuggling one kilogram of hashish and four kilograms of shabu from Iran by using his drone. In a press statement, the Interior Ministry disclosed that officers from the Drug Control General Department arrested the citizen after the department received information about his illegal activity. 

The officers obtained the required warrants to put the citizen under surveillance and arrange an entrapment which led to his arrest.  During the entrapment operation, the suspect tried to flee from the scene after sensing the bogus transaction.  While attempting to escape, the citizen deliberately hit the patrol cars and a hot chase ensued.  When the officers searched him, they discovered the aforementioned narcotics in his possession, in addition to the weighing scale and drone found in his house in Sabahiya.

A case was registered and the citizen was referred to the concerned authority for the necessary legal 

The Constitutional Court presided Justice Yousef Al-Mutawa yesterday affirmed unconstitutionality of Article No.16 of parliament’s standing order. The ruling was based on law no. 12/1963 and its implications.

In this context, the court ordered the parliament to implement Article No. 84 of the constitution, which means the two members of parliament; Jam’aan Al-Harbash and Waleed Al-Tabtabai have lost the condition of parliamentary membership with annulment of their parliamentary seats, indicating supplementary elections should be held in the second and third constituencies.

The court considered the idea of parliament voting to maintain the seats of the two MPs an outrageous interference in judicial authority, and the decision of the parliament through its standing order no.16 defies the principle of separation of authorities by interfering in the proceedings of the judiciary.

The ruling also rejected requests from the two MPs to be part of the litigants, explaining the issue was about the constitutionality of one of the laws and the matter did not involve litigants arguing about a certain law; instead, it was purely to determine whether or not a certain law is constitutional.

Therefore, the sentences slapped on the two MPs by the Court of Cassation remain final, and no decision can overrule the judicial verdict in any situation until proper procedures are followed to change the constitution.

School to pay comp: The Civil Court ordered a famous foreign school to pay KD 5000 to a Kuwaiti man in compensation for emotional and material damages caused by the school’s refusal to register his children.

The lawsuit filed by Lawyer Ali Al-Ali on behalf of the plaintiff blamed the proprietor of the foreign school in question for lodging a vexatious complaint against his client, saying the defendant had made a wrong report at a police station to dent his client’s personality. This prompted his client to file a lawsuit over which another court acquitted him of the allegation and dismissed the civil aspect of the case. He stressed the proprietor had behaved in a suspicious way in a sheer act of malice and vengeance, which he stated was out of place- especially as the case was devoid of crime. He added that his client sustained mental and material damages and sought compensation on his behalf.



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