Will MPW, Roads Authority Be Able To Repair Roads, Eliminate Flying Gravel Before The Coming Winter?
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Will the Ministry of Public Works and the Public Authority for Roads succeed in completing the plan to improve roads and eliminate the phenomenon of fl ying gravel before the coming winter, this is a question posed by the Al-Qabas daily in light of the ambiguity surrounding the details of the plan, which began on the second of last April, reports the daily.

The daily says, at a time when everyone was happy about the end of the crisis, the information obtained by Al-Qabas indicates that the completion of the urgent plan before the end of this year, as announced by the ministry or within six months, as per other sources, is difficult to achieve the target.

After the publication of a report by the daily two days ago on the cessation of work on the Sixth Ring Road, before the start of the work of laying and the work remained at the level of scraping the surface layer and treatment, the sources revealed another surprise related to the suspension of work – the only contract on which the plan of the Public Authority for Roads at the present time depends on, King Fahd Road, starting from the beginning of Ramadan.

The sources said that the suspension of the King Fahd Road was due to two reasons: the first is related to the conditions of the Holy Month of Ramadan, especially as the General Traffic Department has asked the roads authority to stop the work during working days and resume on the weekends only, and the other reason is related to the lack of approval of the Central Tenders Committee on the change order of the contract.

The sources pointed out that the value of the remaining work in the contract since the beginning of last winter was about two million dinars, which means that there is a need to approve a change order to ensure the continuation of work, especially in light of the increased costs imposed by the new asphalt mixture.

The maintenance sector in the Ministry of Public Works, which is responsible for the maintenance, according to sources there are supposed to be 20 contracts in this regard, but it is not known what the plan is, and what projects are being carried out, and in which areas maintenance is being carried out.

The sources speculated that there is a delay from the contractors, due to the objection to the current costs of maintenance after the adoption of changes in the new mix, demanding at the same time the senior officers in the Ministry of Public Works declare the details of the maintenance plan of the interior roads that has not been announced so far.

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