Users On Social Media Sites In Kuwait Reaches 3.9 Million
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In a few years, the social media has created a tremendous information revolution and spread rapidly on all aspects of life, especially the opinion industry in various social, political and economic forms.

Although it has become an integral part of everyday life, it has witnessed many opinions about how important it is and to what extent they should have an impact on society, reports Al-Anba daily.

President of the World Club of Electronic Media Kuwaiti Hind Nadhim said the number of social media users in Kuwait has reached 3.9 million, noting that the number of the intramural users in Kuwait is 1.8 million users She pointed out that the percentage of devices connected to the Internet reached 168% of the total population in Kuwait, which reflects the passion of followers of social media.

She added, the number of social media users is 3.9 million, 98% of the total number is Internet users in general and 92% of the total population or 3.1 million people use social media via mobile phones or 73 percent of the total population.

She went on to say the number of social media users has witnessed an unprecedented boom in recent times, especially as the proportion of devices connected to the Internet reached 168% of the total population in Kuwait, and the total number of those who have SIM cards in Kuwait reached 7.10 million.

The number of prepaid users is 62% compared to 32% for long-term users and 92% of those who connect to the Internet through the 4G network. As for the number of social media users, there were 3 million active Facebook users (29% female, 71% male).

The WhatsApp, Instagram active users is 1.8 million (38% female, 62% male) followed by Twitter with 1.68 million active users (25% female 75% male) followed by Snapp Chat where the total number of users of 1.65 million active users (55% female) 45% male). This application is more popular among females because it contains filters to modify the image and is distinct from other applications

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