USA Losing Credibility In Middle East, Says Ex-US Ambassador To Kuwait
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The former US Ambassador to Kuwait, Edward Ghneim said during his visit to the Middle East, especially to the Gulf, that he felt that the United States was losing its credibility, and expressed his understanding of this saying the American President (Donald Trump) hastily pronounces words that are not carefully chosen or are considered reckless and may easily be misunderstood, “but the United States is always committed to its responsibility, especially to our friends in the Gulf, and I do not think that can be changed,” reports Al-Rai daily.

In an interview with Al-Rai, Ghneim said that the Kuwaiti-Chinese rapprochement and strategic partnership do not affect US-Kuwaiti relations, “because I think they meant that China is a partner in economic aspects. There is important economic cooperation in both countries, threatening Kuwait’s relationship with America.”

“We are supporting Kuwait’s efforts … We support the Gulf reconciliation and try to resolve the issue more quickly, but I do not think we can force one of the parties to reconcile,” he said. On Gulf Arab Institute in Washington, Ghneim said, that institute was established five years ago. “The members of the board of directors of the Institute, Frank Weisner, Thomas Pickering and George Salem, may agree with me that there are no American groups or institutions that have given importance to the Gulf region and its issues except at times, like the other gatherings of the Zionist lobby and the European and Asian groups.” 
“We believe that the Gulf region is important to the United States of America. To create awareness about the region, we have decided to build an institution that is interested in exploring and analyzing the region, for example the Gulf crisis. We are preparing studies and analyzing to present their contents to the American society, presenting the true image of the Gulf to America,” he said.

When asked why there are no serious US efforts to speed up solving the Gulf crisis, he said, “America has tried and tried and it may seem that the US president’s statement at the beginning of the crisis is biased to one side, but when studying the issue and analyzing it, it became clear to us that it is not that simple and you may see through military relations that we have a good relationship with the two countries (Qatar and Saudi Arabia). We invited the Amir of Qatar to visit the White House in Washington, and we support Kuwait’s efforts to try to resolve the Gulf dispute. We see the role of Kuwait in both countries when we discuss the issue with both countries. We support the Gulf reconciliation and try to resolve the issue more quickly, all the GCC countries are our allies, we depend on them and we all work to resolve any threat or thorny issues.”

“Any disagreement between any two Gulf States will reduce and hamper our success, and give Iran the opportunity to play its tricks further, so the situation becomes worse, and this is not in the interest of the Gulf or America. Therefore, our efforts are working more forcefully and diplomatically. I have traveled to all the Gulf states, worked in the Pentagon for two years and dealt with all the countries of the Middle East, I understand the personality of individuals, let us be realistic, I think that the problems between some of the Gulf countries did not create overnight, but it was a long time ago.”

24 May, 2019 515
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