Kuwait To Transform Old Cemeteries In To Public Parks

21 August 2015 Kuwait

Kuwait Municipality is ready to transform five old cemeteries in Kuwait City to public parks instead of keeping them empty. The cemeteries are over 50 years old, Arab Times daily reported citing Al Jarida daily.

According to report, the five cemeteries are located in various parts of the capital; opposite Souk Sharq, beside Heritage City, behind Sawaber, beside Khalid bin al-Waleed Street, and opposite Martyrs Park.They noted that people were buried in the cemeteries over 50 years ago and the law of Kuwait Municipality allows converting cemeteries 50 years and above into public parks, indicating the Municipality has the right to put up buildings on any cemetery that exceeds 100 years. Sources stressed the sector is waiting for the State Minister of Municipality to endorse the decision on his return from vacation. 

They reiterated that transforming the cemeteries to public parks will serve the interests of citizens and expatriates, and the projects will be floated for local companies to participate in their implementation.

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