Kuwait To Establish Anti-graft Authority
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Head of Kuwait Anti – Corruptio n Authority Lawyer Abdulrahman Al-Namash revealed that the Board of Trustees has edited a draft of the executive bylaw, which will be sent to the Minister of Justice and then to the Cabinet for implementation.

He said the issuance of Law No. 2/2016 concerning establishment of the Kuwait Anti-Corruption Authority, which is authorized to check financial and asset disclosures, is considered as a huge step for fighting corruption and filling the legislative gaps that resulted from the Constitutional Court’s verdict concerning the unconstitutionality of Decree No. 24/2012.

About the asset disclosures that were presented prior to the cancellation of the law, Al-Namash affirmed that this issue will be discussed with Minister of Justice to find a method for implementing Law No. 330/2015 concerning dealing with the results of the Constitutional Court’s verdict, indicating that the method will be declared in the next few days.

He said Kuwait Anti Corruption Authority is planning to create a new organizational structure based on its positive experiences in order to follow up cases of corruption and meet its objectives in the most efficient manner.

Al-Namash stressed the keenness of Kuwait Anti Corruption Authority to practice its role through its Board of Trustees and its executive department, affirming that they are dedicated about avoiding the mistakes and shortcomings of the past phase, meeting the expectations of people and following the directives of the top leadership of Kuwait for creating a transparent environment without any form of corruption.



09 Apr, 2016 1058
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