Kuwait Still Allows Expats On Family Visas To Stay Outside Kuwait Beyond 6 Months
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Al-Anba daily reports that the Ministry of Interior will soon issue a decision to raise the salary cap for family visas (Article 22) to KD 800.

According to the source, the decision will apply to expatriates with government work visas (Article 17) and private sector work visas (Article 18). Aside from the KD800 salary condition, these expatriates will be required to submit the original work permit, while any proof showing that they are receiving another salary from any party or that the basic salary is deposited to the bank account and allowances or additional salary are paid separately will not be considered.

According to the source, this is part of the ministry's commitment to balancing the demographic structure and allowing expats with high salaries to bring their families here, provided they can prove their ability to provide a satisfactory standard of living for their families and their wives don't work here as well.

This decision will also apply to the wives, children under 16 years old, parents, and mothers-in-law of the above-mentioned expatriates.

Expatriates on family visas (Article 22) are still able to stay outside the country for more than six months, indicating this decision has been implemented since the Corona pandemic.

18 Sep, 2022 3167
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