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Dear Friends. 
I am an Electrical Engineer from Bangalore University passed in 1996 , presently working here having 21 yrs total Experience ( 16 Yrs in Kuwait ).
1) My college / Branch have NBA approval from 2009-2012 for the first time.At present Not available. No NBA at the time of my study or passout year.

2) i had submitted papers on 20 th March but they had not called for 12 days.
When i went to KSE & enquiried they told my file kept pending as my college name was not available for them to verify about NBA.After providing necessary documents, they started processing my file.

3) 0n 10th April Evening I got a call & Told that i have interview on 11 th April ( yesterday ) at 5 PM.

4) yesterday i attended interview. There were nearly 23 people waiting for interview like me when i went there. There were 2 members in interview panel.They asked me to tell about my work after i passed out year to till now.that is About Work in Kuwait & work before coming to Kuwait.They Did not ask me anything from any subjects.Only work related questions. 

5) after interview, they told me to wait outside and after 2& a half hour they called me to pay money.then after half an hour i got KSE membership card & NOC.

6) the fee was 50 KD for interview, 30 KD for NOC , 30 KD for KSE membership. Total 110 KD. KSE Membership is optional.if u don't need it then u can pay only 30 KD for NOC and interviews charge only.

7) i got a chance to speak to KSE chairman and he confirmed If i have NBA for both college & Branch at any interval of time, They will accept for NOC.
If NBA not available for any one or both, they are rejecting. But he says they don't want to deny these Engs for that Reason one Team from KSE is going to Delhi to have meeting with AICTE to get Information & List of all colleges which comes under UGC, NBA, AICTE,DEEMED UNIVERSITY. 
After that they will come back , Discuss with Kuwait Authorities to find solution to non NBA Engineers. It will take few weeks. Till that time anyone having visa date near to expire they can take 3 months extension and Any body already under extension and if it is also near to expire Then they can ask their company to change Designation.KSE chairman told they have already given instruction to PAM to accept change of Designations according to availability of grades in their companies. 

NOTE: All the above information are given as told by KSR Chairman. I got a chance to speak with him as he was in MEW before for a short period and i too work for MEW.with that I am giving these information as it may help our friends. It is not a fake or Rumours. 
Thank you all.

22 Apr, 2018 1 7854
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