Sleeping In Mosques Not Allowed
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Despite the confirmation of a number of preachers to sleep in mosques in the case of necessity or I’tikaaf (an Islamic practice consisting of a period of staying in a mosque for a certain number of days, devoting oneself to worship during these days and staying away from worldly affairs) the leaders of the mosques do not permit to sleep in mosques as per the Ministry of Awqaf instructions which prevents anyone from sleeping in the houses of God, reports Al-Rai daily.

In a statement to the daily, the leaders said “mosques are not built for housing, but built for worship,” and mention the name of God. The director of the Center for the Promotion of Moderation in the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs, Dr Abdullah Al-Sharikah, said that sleep in the mosques is originally permissibe but it is not after the Ministry of Awqaf prevented it, it is not permissible but only after the approval of the Ministry.

As for Dr Nazem Al-Mesbah, stressed that “the mosque is not built for those who do not find housing, but built for worship, but sleeping in the mosque is permitted in the case of I’tikaaf only, and adherence to the controls of the mosque is required,” stressing that “The mosque is only for I’tikaaf.”

26 May, 2019 899
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