Kuwait Refuses Philippines To Sue Domestic Workers’ Sponsors Internationally
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The crisis between the Philippine Embassy and the General Manpower Authority has further complicated, with need to adopt the contract of domestic workers documented by the authorities in Manila, and the second insistence on the non-validity of any non-contract, and its refusal to deal with any contracts or external papers attached with a contract work approved by them reports Al Rai

An official source in the Authority told that contract which is recognized is a Kuwaiti contract, which does not differentiate any nationality from others rights and obligations, and the law is applied to all without any exception as per Article 18 of Law 68 of 2015.

He stressed that the Authority will not allow to deal with any contracts or external papers attached with the Kuwaiti labor contract approved by them and other concerned parties, by requiring sponsors conditions contrary to the agreement, including the possibility of compensation for domestic workers through the Philippines with the consent of the sponsor on international issues, anyone who violates this from the recruitment offices shall be subject to the law and shall be subject to the established procedures

The source pointed out that as per the agreement with the Philippine it ensures the recruitment and entry of its domestic workers as well as repatriation under the terms of this agreement, it is in line with the laws and regulations stated between the both countries.

Diplomatic sources revealed that the Philippine has a contract of employment of its workers in all countries of the world for years. In last week of November both countries bilateral committee will be meeting to discuss of final details related to terms of the contract.



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