Poultry Farms, Livestock Pens Become Factories, Workshops
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The Al-Qabas daily during a tour of a number of poultry farms and livestock pens in Sulaibiya discovered a number of these plots which were initially given to operate as farms and pens have been turned into places to store chemicals, as workshops for blacksmiths and carpenters and even to store construction material, furniture and paper carton collection, produce oil and grease and even build prefabricated houses, reports the daily.

During the tour the daily also discovered a new scandal, which is no less serious than the seizure of state property, corruption and the theft of sand and steel. This is how the land which was allocated to support livestock has been turned into factories and warehouses because the concerned officials have turned a blind eye to all these activities.

One wonders who is responsible for turning a number of poultry and livestock breeding plots into factories and storage sites. Are those responsible unable to control these irregularities?

Where are the law enforcement officials? What about an environmental disaster in the event the chemicals explode which are stored in those farms since the site is adjacent to the Sulaibiya and Kheiran areas, which are only a few kilometers away?

The report of the Judicial Committee that was in charge of examining the report of the Technical Committee to study of the axes of interpellation that was filed against the former Minister of Oil, former Minister of Electricity and Water Bakheet Al-Rasheedi concluded that there were no criminal, civil or administrative violations, reports Al-Rai daily.

The committee, which was formed at the request of the government, comprised three judicial advisors.

The sources pointed out that the committee examined over five months the issues about the existence of irregularities and suspicions of corruption and damage to public money.

It made 34 investigations, held 29 meetings and 150 hours and studied each axis of the interrogation separately.

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