People Better Off With The Good Rains That Hit Country This Year
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People are better off with the good rains that have hit the country this year, both in terms of increasing vegetation and groundwater, and the percentage of dust storms that we witness every year, says director of Air Quality Department at the Environment Public Authority in reply to a query by the Al-Anba daily.

When the daily posed the question, ‘Will these rains help to reduce dust storms’; Ayman Boujabara Director of Air Quality at the EPA said the answer is certainly yes. He went on to say if Kuwait is not exposed to regional waves of dust, the rain will provide a higher vegetation cover, which leads to the stabilization of soil.

Forecasts say there will be no significant drop in dust storms over the coming summer because the dust source is regional, in addition to human activities in the region, and dust could have been reduced if Kuwait was not exposed to regional dust waves.

Boujabara said 50 percent of the dust in Kuwait is from natural sources and what remains is a result of human activities, both local and regional. He stressed that the part that is produced by does not carry chemical pollutants but the atmosphere is polluted by emissions from different sources, while the other part is the result of human activities such as the excessive use of vehicles in general, especially diesel fuel because of high temperature, noting that the dust produced by vehicles is not only due to fuel-burning but tires and brakes.

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