Parliamentary And Popular Pressure On The CSC To Limit Demands Of Employees
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There is parliamentary and popular pressure on the Civil Service Commission to limit the demands of workers and from some trade unions to increase the allowances of workers in state ministries and institutions, while some MPs call the raise in the cost of living allowance, reports Al-Qabas daily A government source revealed that any proposal to increase the cost of living would cost the state millions of dinars annually.

The source added, if the increase is 30 dinars per employee it will raise from 120 dinars to 150 dinars and the total cost will be 180 million dinars which will inevitably be rejected by the government.

The last comprehensive financial increase for government employees was in 2008, followed by increases for more than 98 job titles in 2012, and the two increases cost the State Treasury a total of over one billion dinars.

Meanwhile, the Civil Service Commission (CSC) has admitted errors in the organizational structure during the merger of the government restructuring program with the Public Authority for Manpower, stressing that this imbalance prevents the completion of employee transactions, reports Al-Qabas daily.

Employees in PAM were surprised by the messages on profile screen when submitting or requesting job transactions that confirm that there is an imbalance in the organizational structure and must review with administrative affairs department,” said the daily. This is a formal recognition that the organizational structure passed and adopted by the CSC was not reviewed professionally, say sources.

They added that the issue of the error in the adoption of the organizational structure and the management of personnel in the structure and manpower at the present time should stop and repeal all decisions on the accommodating supervisory posts and all applications for the injustice done to an employee, and called on the Council of Ministers to form a neutral committee of advisers and specialists from outside the CSC.

The CSC must study and evaluate the structure and terms of reference of the organizational units after the merger, job placement, selection criteria, decisions and procedures that were adopted after the activation of the decisions.

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