Overcrowding Has Peaked At The PACI Office In South Surrah
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Overcrowding has peaked at the Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI) in South Surrah with more than 1,000 visitors – visitors who make a beeline to renew their Civil IDs, reports Al-Qabas daily.

PACI tried to overcome the crisis by accelerating the pace of work and the allocation of more staff and technicians, but chaos prevailed at the ID delivery site because of the large numbers of people that exceeded the capacity of the place.

Al-Qabas learned that the Ministry of Interior and PACI have taken action to address the mistakes caused by some employees, who are said to have wrongly printed the names in Arabic and Latin on the civil IDs.

In some immigration departments, the Interior Ministry has implemented a new plan to receive applicants for the correction of errors in Latin names by identifying a staff member to obtain their applications without having to stay and wait for the transaction.

Informed sources said that the Interior Ministry has coordinated with PACI on the method of printing the approved Latin names and make corrections that enable expatriates to travel and leave the country.

After receiving the correction request, the ministry will send it immediately to a team of staff entrusted with the task of entering the names that matches the names on the passport and send a message to the applicant’s phone to complete the transaction and follow up to issue of a new ID.

She added that the Interior Ministry provided expenses for some types of transactions of expatriates by modifying their names in the automated system and communicating with PACI without the need to issue new identities with a message to the owner

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