Kuwait Only Country In Gulf Area Enforcing Disclosure Of Finances
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Head of Public Authority for Anti Corruption ‘Nazaha’ Consultant Abdurrahman Al-Namash said Kuwait is the only country in the Gulf region to implement financial disclosure, underscoring the seriousness of the government’s efforts to fight corruption, and that it does not tolerate or overlook any cases of corruption, reports Al-Anba daily.

Al-Nimash said: “In integrity, we are exerting vigorous efforts to overcome all difficulties in implementing the provisions of the national strategy on all the organs of the state. This will inevitably reflect positively on Kuwait’s ranking in the Global Corruption Perceptions Index.

He added, that the strategy includes working controls and terms of reference for each party in the country, on the basis of which we can detect the corrupt, in addition to knowing whether the party is in line with the strategy and apply the rules of work and governance or not? He said that the International Conference on Integrity and Transparency will be organized by the authority under in January next coinciding with the launch of the national anti-corruption strategy. “We do not need permission to refer corrupt or suspected corruption to the prosecution,” the head of the Public Authority for Combating Corruption, Abdulrahman Al-Namash, told the daily.

“The authority is independent, practically, legally and practically, adding that the work of the authority ends with the referral to the Prosecution. Al-Nimash revealed that authority in cooperation with the competent authorities in the state randomly examines the assets covered by the law, including ministers and deputies. He added that Gate No. 7 has been allocated to ensure the confidentiality of the amount where no personal data is requested from the amount of the corruption cases.

Al-Nimash pointed out that 21 corruption cases out of 193 have been referred to the Prosecution since the beginning of 2016. Al-Nimash explained that the definition of corruption crimes is not limited to the limits of bribery and financial excesses, but extends to include crimes.

This classification does not have a uniform standard in legal systems. He pointed out that the Authority is working on the formation of a generation capable of rejecting all manifestations of corruption and creating a political, social and economic environment conducive to achieving the objectives and plans for sustainable development.



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