Kuwait National Assembly Rejects No-confidence Motion Against Finance Minister
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The National Assembly, or parliament, in Kuwait rejected Wednesday a no-confidence motion against Minister of Finance Barrak Al-Shaitan with 32 members supporting him. Al-Shaitan was opposed by 12 members while three lawmakers abstained.

Article 144 of the parliament’s bylaw states that majority of the house, excluding the ministers, could topple the minister. Al-Shaitan said the confidence of the house was an “important push” for him to develop the financial system of the nation, address shortcomings, stop over-spending in the budget, and develop businesses and resources.

Addressing the parliament, Al-Shaitan said the government would employ citizens to run the state’s institutions with the objective of developing the financial system. He reiterated that citizens’ salaries and rights “will not be touched as long as I am a Finance Minister.



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