Kuwait Municipality Seized 20,000 Imported Chickens, Shrimps Unfit For Human Consumption
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Kuwait Municipality Thursday confiscated 20,000 imported chickens and a huge pile of shrimps after discovering they are unfit for human consumption. This incident reveals the lack of concern that the ‘traders of death’ have for the health of consumers and the level of corruption in the Department of Imported Foodstuff.

According to sources from the Municipality, some of the spoilt foodstuff was supposed to be disposed earlier but they were instead sent back to the local market.

This prompted several traders to report about it to Kuwait Municipality and demanded the latter to investigate how these products appeared in the market. They also indicated that they will take necessary legal actions against the Department of Imported Foodstuff in this regard. The sources said, “The disposal area for the spoilt foodstuff is open and unsecured. Some laborers and shift employees could have been tempted to conspire with some traders and take some of the spoilt products back to the market”.



09 Apr, 2016 1427
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