Regional Tensions May Rise
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Iran’s announcement to raise the level of uranium enrichment production recently has shown a negative development in its nuclear file and is inconsistent with Iran’s intentions and commitment to the International Energy Authority (IEA), sources familiar with the move said, adding that the move would lead to more tension in the region, reports Al-Qabas daily.

The daily has expressed optimism about the visit of Omani Foreign Minister Yousef bin Alawi to Iran, pointing out that it is a positive sign which opens the door for negotiations and dialogue, hoping that the visit will calm down the volatile situation and de-escalate the conflict.

On the other hand, the sources confirmed that the visit of the Iraqi Prime Minister to Kuwait will not include the signing of any new agreements between the two countries. The sources explained the development of the Safwan port is still in its infancy and stressed no agreement has been reached so far. The sources reiterated that Kuwait has expressed its support for the Gulf, Arab and Islamic summit that will be held in Makkah and the most important topic of discussion will be the dangerous situation in the region.

23 May, 2019 527
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