Kuwait Market Suffering From A Severe Shortage Of Domestic Workers
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The Kuwaiti market is still suffering from a severe shortage of domestic workers, for several reasons; On top of this is the reluctance of these workers to come,#kuwaitofferings.com preferring other neighboring countries.

The head of the voluntary committee to study the file of domestic workers in the country, Bassam Al-Shammari, told that “the Kuwaiti market has become expelling domestic workers, who are still suffering and do not feel safe inside, due to the regression of the relevant government agencies from their role in providing protection and the proper settlement of its disputes with its employers.

Al-Shammari stressed that the continuation of the phenomenon of these workers resorting to the embassies of their countries is a serious offense to the sovereignty of the state, and shows the government’s inability to find radical solutions to it, adding that “there is a big problem looming on the horizon, which is the refusal of employers to book tickets for their workers wishing to return to their countries.” After the end of the work contract, due to the high ticket costs, or the failure to provide an alternative worker, which may double the reluctance of domestic workers to come to Kuwait.



23 Jul, 2021 926
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