Kuwait Lifts Freeze Imposed On Bank Accounts Of Celebrities
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The Kuwaiti Public Prosecutor has approved a decision to lift the ‘freeze’ on the funds and bank accounts of a number of Kuwaiti celebrities, local media reported. These include Dana Al Twairish, Ohoud Al Enezi, Noha Nabil and Ibrahim Jama’an.

Accordingly, the Central Bank of Kuwait has issued a circular to all local banks to lift the ‘freeze’ imposed on the funds and accounts of some social media celebrities.

Legal sources revealed that within two weeks most similar cases related to celebrities will be closed.

A number of Kuwaiti celebrities were previously accused by the Prosecution of violating the provisions of the Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing Law, which resulted in the freezing of their funds and accounts at all local banks.



04 Apr, 2021 889
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