Lack Of Parking Space At MoE Head Office
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A large number of cars are parked around the Ministry of Education headquarters which lack parking areas, giving employees and visitors no option but to use platforms and every available space to park their cars, reports Al-Rai daily.

The lack of parking areas is a daily problem for employees and visitors at the ministry’s headquarters located in South Surra. A reliable source pointed out that the capacity of the current multi-level parking area is 1,500 vehicles only; while the number of employees is about 5,000 in addition to about 1,000 visitors daily.

According to the source, the problem is not the lack of budget for establishing parking areas but lack of space for this purpose. He said the headquarters is just like an island surrounded by streets. He pointed out that establishing a new multilevel parking area will cost only KD3 million, stressing this is not a big amount to solve the problem but the present administration is a victim of previous plans which did not take into consideration the consequences of the growing number of employees and visitors.

He disclosed that when the building was designed in 2004, the ministry asked the Kuwait Municipality to provide a plot for establishing a multi-level parking area but the latter said there is no available plot.

The Municipality then suggested sharing the parking area with Islamic Charitable Organization but the latter rejected the idea as its parking spaces are not enough for its employees.

Meanwhile, another source denied the rumor that the ministry intends to transfer a number of employees to different educational districts, clarifying that the employees who were transferred earlier requested for the move.

16 May, 2019 293
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