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Available only to those residing in Kuwait; age 18 and above must get the police clearance certificate if resided in country for 6 months or more.

Police records are available for persons resident in Kuwait. Individuals must be physically present in Kuwait and either be Kuwaiti citizens or hold a valid residence visa to apply for a police certificate. Police records are not available for periods of residence prior to May 1991, due to the destruction of these records during Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait. Information on criminal activity, including police records, is not available from Kuwaiti embassies abroad. To obtain a police record, individuals must apply in person and provide fingerprints at the Ministry of Interior, General Department for Criminal Investigation. Police certificates generally take seven to ten days to process.


Required Information
Your full name as on your birth certificate including your maiden name if applicable
Your date and place of birth (or a copy of your birth certificate)
Your current address
All addresses at which you have lived at in Kuwait and when you lived there
The place and purpose for which you require the Certificate


Relevant document: Criminal Status Certificate.

Residents: Apply in person at the Ministry of Interior, Department of Criminal Evidence.

Provide: a letter from the Department stating you require the certificate for immigration purposes (or provide a copy of the application form), original passport or civil identity card and one copy, and two passport sized photos.

Fingerprints will be taken by the police at the time of application.

Non-residents: Apply to the nearest Kuwaiti embassy. An alternative is to provide power of attorney to a relative or to your former employers Public Relations Officer to lodge an application on your behalf with the Ministry of Interior in Kuwait.

You will need to confirm the documentation required with the Kuwaiti embassy.

Processing time: at least two weeks.

Required Documents
Local Resident Requests
request letter
two photographs
a copy of your passport
copy of your resident visa in Kuwait(if you have it).
Non-Resident Requests
A letter from the local sponsor or requesting entity
One recent front-view color photograph
Passport and one photocopy
Kuwaiti Civil Identification Card and one photocopy


A police certificate can be obtained from the Ministry of Interior, General Department for Criminal Evidence, Department of Identification and Automated Search located in the Farwaniya-Dhajeej area, Airport Road 55, opposite the Kuwait Airways main building.

Each applicant must provide the following:

A letter from the Embassy
One recent front-view color photograph
Passport and one photocopy
Kuwaiti Civil Identification Card and one photocopy
The Embassy will only provide the letter of request to immigrant visa applicants. Citizens and other individuals seeking Kuwait police clearances should obtain a letter of request from his/her local sponsor or the requesting embassy.

The process to obtain a police certificate takes 1 to 2 weeks.

Local Resident Requests
You must apply in person and provide
Following are required a request letter, two photographs, a copy of your passport, and a copy of your resident visa in Kuwait (if you have it).
Non-Resident Requests
You can return to Kuwait to apply for the police certificate; OR Send a representative on your behalf to apply for the police certificate with the required documents listed
Obtain certificates from a Kuwaiti embassy or consulate by providing the documents listed below.


Uses of the Document/Certificate
A police certificate is an official document issued by police or government agency of a country to enumerate any criminal records that the applicant may or may not have. Criminal records may include arrest, conviction, and possibly criminal proceedings. Police certificate is also known as good citizen certificate, good conduct certificate, police clearance certificate, or judicial record extracts. Applicants may have to submit fingerprints and certain personal information to request a criminal record check, and the police or government agency may charge a fee. If no record found, the police certificate will indicate such.

A police clearance certificate is a copy of your criminal record or a declaration of the absence of any criminal record. Police clearance certificates are different in each country and territory and may be called police certificates, good conduct certificates, judicial record extracts, pcc, etc. They are issued by police authorities or government departments and used by Citizenship and Immigration to prevent individuals who possess a risk to Country’s security from entering the country.

Each individual has the right to contact any police station for the purpose of ordering a certificate regarding his or her criminal record, which will be sent according to the law, directly to foreign missions, to missions abroad or to international adoption agencies, depending on the available data.

It is the applicants responsibility to contact the relevant authorities to obtain the necessary police certificates or clearances. Each countrys procedures are different. Applicants may have to apply to more than one level of government or more than one agency – municipal, provincial, state, federal and the police, courts or similar governmental agencies for the police certificate. If a police certificate cannot be obtained from any of the countries on the list, provide a written explanation why and an original letter from the police authority confirming that it will not issue a certificate.

In most cases, you must contact the police or government to ask for a certificate. You may have to:

Provide information or documents, such as photographs, fingerprints, or your addresses and dates that you lived in the country or territory, and pay a fee.
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