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Kuwait International Airport continues to operate flights for residency violators and those wishing to leave the country, amid intensive precautions to curb the spread of COVID- 19.

According to sources from Kuwait International Airport, the total number of flights during the past three months was 662, with about 104,000 passengers, most of whom are members of the Egyptian and Indian communities.

Since the beginning of the partial curfew and total lockdown, Kuwait International Airport witnessed continuation of evacuation operations for expatriates around the clock without interruption. Directorate General for Civil Aviation (DGCA) continues to receive requests from many countries and embassies that wish to evacuate their citizens from Kuwait. It grants its approval directly for airlines to operate the flights.

The airport also continues to provide logistical services and there has not been any interruption either by DGCA or the companies operating in the airport.

The sources revealed that no instructions have been issued so far concerning the return of expatriates who have valid residency. Meanwhile, well-informed sources from Kuwait Airways Corporation (KAC) affirmed that a number of Kuwaiti students studying in the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Egypt and Jordan who wish to return to their places of study were contacted.

They stressed the need to provide KAC with the university ID that has the full name of the student and a photograph, a copy of the passport, and direct phone numbers.

The sources revealed that it is necessary for them to indicate the date of travel and the airport in order to ensure communication with them once approval is obtained to operate the flights, adding that this information should be sent to the email address – Kwirdku@kuwaitairways. com

In addition, other sources from KAC revealed that the company has sent a circular to all employees of the company to state that it is in the process of gradually restarting work, which requires attendance of employees but not exceeding 30 percent of the number of employees in each department.

They explained that the circular affirmed the necessity of taking into account the commitment of all employees who are assigned to start work. The proof of attendance and exit should be through the use of a faceprint or work ID, taking into account their compliance with the precautionary requirements of Ministry of Health while they are present at the workplace as per the instructions.



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