Kuwait Industrial Authority Wins Accreditation From GAC
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Kuwait Public Authority for Industry (PAI) announced Thursday its quality laboratories won accreditation certificate from GCC Accreditation Center (GAC). PAI said in press statement the certificate will enhance the ability of Kuwait’s local products to reach more GCC and global markets as part of the vision of New Kuwait 2035.

“This accreditation will reflect a positively on Kuwaiti products and help to reach wider markets with reduction of cost related to test work and protecting regional markets from non-conforming products”, said PAI Director Manager Abdulkareem Taqi.

The certificate of recognition will enhance Kuwait’s efforts to effectively participate in Gulf and international conformity verification sector and help quality laboratories to provide more reliable services, Taqi added. He noted that this recognition would increase efficiency of people working at the quality laboratories; facilitate trade exchange, and reducing obstacles through mutual recognition between the global bodies issuing certificates of accreditation.

Taqi added that the certificate came because of efforts made by national cadres working in quality laboratories at (PAI) for the last eight months, expressing his hope to maintain this level in order to obtain other global and international credits. Kuwait’s Public Authority for Industry (PAI), which is an independent legal entity, established in 1997. It seeks to develop and commercialize industrial activities in Kuwait by encouraging manufacturing industries, and expanding production base to include products that serve national security thus increasing the sources of national income.



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